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Looking Ahead to the 17th Annual World Health Care Congress

By: Brian Eastwood (@Brian_Eastwood),
Senior Health Care Content Strategist

For an industry often characterized as moving slowly, health care is in the midst of a series of changes. Reimbursement models continue to shift. Reforms remain the subject of ongoing debate. Technology disrupts care delivery (and occasionally oversteps its bounds). Equity, access, and health disparities keep executives as well as advocates awake at night. Through it all, stakeholders across the board seek solutions that will improve clinical and financial outcomes without compromising care quality.

Overwhelmed by this pace of change? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I’ve been covering health care since 2009 – first as a journalist, then as a research analyst, and today as an event director  . Even with all that experience reading and digesting the news, I still struggle to keep up these days.

A big part of the reason for this struggle is because so much is happening in so many segments of the health care industry. Change impacts all stakeholders, and the way that one group of stakeholders chooses to respond directly impacts everyone else – with unintended and unfortunate consequences.

That’s why I’m happy to be part of the 17th Annual World Health Care Congress. (Technically, though, it’s not my first appearance at WHCC – I attended the 12th annual event in 2015 as a panel moderator, member of the press, and first-time visitor to Washington, DC.)

WHCC brings together all of health care’s key stakeholders for a frank discussion about the present and future state of health care. No other health care event include health systems, health plans, life science companies, employers, brokers, state and federal policymakers, solution providers, thought leaders, and patients on the same agenda, let alone the same stage. It’s good for learning and even better for networking.

Our theme for WHCC20 is “Changemakers.” Simply put, this theme reflects two things: Change in health care is happening quickly, and the industry’s stakeholders are working to ensure that change will have a positive impact on everyone involved.

You’ll see this theme of “Changemakers” reflected in our keynotes – which will include mental health, climate change, gun violence, affordability, value-based care, drug pricing, social determinants of health, patient-centered care, and other critical topics from the headlines that health care stakeholders should (must) address. It’s also in our 60+ track sessions, which offer practical discussions about managing and achieving change in the health care sector that matters most to you.

With so much to discuss, we’re working to make WHCC20 more than just a 4-day event. Watch this space for a steady stream of content in the months and weeks leading up to the event – interviews with speakers, contributed articles, key headlines, and blog entries from the WHCC team.

We hope to see you in Washington, DC this spring. Register today, and tell them Brian sent you. That news will be something I can keep up with.

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